Facial Treatments

Diamond Glow Facial

Diamond Glow, a non-invasive, no downtime mechanical procedure that removes the dead skin cells, dirt and excess oils in the skin.

A treatment that cleanses deeply into the pores leaving your skin clean, bright, and oil-free (includes extraction of blackheads, whiteheads) This treatment is ideal for all skin types and perfect for any occasion.

CO2 Brightening Facial

Professional, non-invasive carboxytherapy, CRYSTAL CARBOXY CO2 GEL MASK, is a modern, highly effective method based on exposure of carbon dioxide gas (CO2) to the skin.

When the gel and mask interact, CO2 penetrates the skin. The mask serves as a screen and does not allow carbon dioxide to evaporate. The carbon dioxide freely penetrates the pores and into all facial blood vessels and capillaries, activates blood flow and supplying cells with oxygen.

This facial treatment will help eliminate acne scars, brighten pigmentation, smooth wrinkles, improve tone and elasticity and reduce rosacea or redness. This treatment comes with extraction, microdermabrasion and led light that will surely brighten and boost your overall skin complexion.

Aqua Glow Facial

Afraid of manual extraction but wants clean and glowing skin? We have a solution!

Aqua Glow uses water and nutrient filled serums to cleanse and hydrate the skin,
Extraction is easy and fun with the extraction mode and ultrasonic skin scrubber. No pain, just glowing skin!

Infuse the skin with serums and oxygen for a plump and dewy look. Finish with Led light for ultimate glow (extra).

Everybody loves it. You’ll wake up with a glow!

Microderma Signature Facial

Discover the beauty of skin renewal with 2-step powerful microdermabrasion using Diamond Peel and Crystal Free Tips.

A Powerful exfoliation and vacuum action encourage revival of the youthful glow. This treatment is designed to refine pores, exfoliate course skin, and reduce uneven pigmentation while smoothing surgical scars and blemishes. It includes deep pore cleansing with the extraction of comedones, papules and pustules, top-of the line hydrating moisturizing mask and application of customized professional serums and moisturizers. Finish with Led light therapy.

Ultrasonic RF Facial

This treatment uses the radio frequency, bio-lifting, and ultrasound to contour the skin, eliminate wrinkles, expression lines and overall skin tone and texture. The radio frequency delivers the benefits of tightening the skin. The bio skin lifting treatment is a non-surgical, non-invasive cosmetic technique that safely and effectively lift and contour the skin. The ultrasound treatment delivers the benefit of a soothing facial massage to improve blood circulation and deep product penetration. Using all these three techniques, the result is much tighter, lifted and contoured skin.

Ultimate Glow Facial

This 3-in one treatment combines the beneficial effect of extraction, microdermabrasion and ultrasound energy to brighten, lift and tighten the skin naturally. First, the extraction will get rid of blackheads and whiteheads for a cleaner and pore less look. Next, the microdermabrasion will remove the dead skin cells, dirt, and excess oils. Finally, the power of ultrasound energy will deliver its collagen boosting effect to the skin. Combining these 3 methods in one treatment is the ultimate must for fresher, cleaner, brighter, and well-toned skin.

Blue Light Therapy by Celluma

Not all light therapy is created equal, but Celluma LED blue light therapy is the new wave of skin care for people who have tried other acne treatments, but still aren’t seeing the results they want.

LED light therapy works by killing acne-causing bacteria at the source, deep beneath the skin’s surface. Blue LED light therapy emits specific, clinically proven wavelengths of light to trigger an all-natural effect in human tissue, killing acne-causing bacteria, decreasing inflammation, and improving skin tone, texture, and clarity from the inside out.

This treatment includes washing the face with customized acne products and 45 minutes exposure to blue Led light that helps kill the acne bacteria. Extraction is not included but maybe added for extra charge.

Mask Peel by Dermaceutic

For imperfections and irregular texture. All skin types, ideal for oily and acne-prone skin. Comes with the extraction of whiteheads, blackheads, comedones, papules and pustules. The effectiveness of this treatment is highlighted by the application of Mask Peel. . An acne mask that purifies the skin by removing imperfections and dead skin cells. Mask peel is formulated with salicylic and glycolic acids, combined with bentonite, that reduce excess oiliness and the appearance of large pores. Finish with Celluma Blue Light therapy for acne.

Black Vinegar Facial (With Chemical Peel)

A natural organic peel based on black vinegar. Black Nutrients peel the skin visibly to clear the acne lesions, blemishes, and visible discolorations. Within 6 days, all acne types of black heads, white heads, pimples, pustules, nodules and cysts as well as pigmentation, brown spots, fine lines and wrinkles, acne marks and scars are visibly improved. New, brighter, and younger looking skin emerges.

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